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Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc. is the number one Plumbing Contractor in the Kern County Sewer and Drain Cleaning Field. We offer Various services for all of your Bakersfield Sewer and Drain Cleaning needs, No matter how major or minor they may be. We also service the out lying areas.

In the Bakersfield sewer and drain profession, Drain Stoppages are a common issue.

-Small lines such as Lavatory Sinks, Tub Drains, Condensate Drain lines on Air Conditioners, Or any other small lines, We use our smallest Machine. The Niard. It may be small but it packs power. Working its way through tight turns and Stubborn Clogs, Its sure to take care of the job!

-Larger lines such as Kitchen sinks….. We use the Junior machine Slightly bigger that the Niard. This machine serves the same basic functions just with a larger 3/8″ Cable for larger drains.

– Mainline Stoppages 4″ and up: For this Problem the only answer is The Mainline machine. We have various assortments of Blades and tools that can be attached to the end of the cable to cut through roots and the toughest clogs. No Clean out? No Problem Roof vent access is available for immediate relief.

– For slightly More serious problems such as Grease and sludge See our Hydro Jetting Page, And remember Call Us for all of your Central Valley Plumbing Needs!

Sewer and Drain cleaning may not be the most pleasant to talk about but this article could save you lots of money. By completing simple maintenance in your home you could save your self a lot of time and money. You may have noticed city workers cleaning drains and checking pipes in your neighborhood. If they missed a routine check and the sewer became clogged this would cost tax payers like you a lot of money for repairs.

Your home is the same concept. You have to check you personal drains and sub pumps to be sure everything is operating the way it should. If you question your plumbing you should not postpone getting it fixed. If you are unable to unclog the drain yourself, you will find that in the long run it will be well worth the money to get a repair man to fix it.

Periodically you should have your home plumbing inspected by a professional, like the city does; to be sure there is no turmoil in the months ahead. They may instruct you on chemicals that are safe to use to clean you home’s sewage system and aid in your overall house plumbing. Some small things you can do to keep things flowing smoothly is get a drain catch for your sinks, tub, and laundry room floor to keep unwanted food and debris from clogging your system. These can be picked up for a couple of dollars at any store.

You can also try to be aware of how much water you are using at the same time. If you need to do laundry and wash dishes after everyone in your family just took morning showers you may want to give the system a chance to clear and then do one activity at a time so you don’t overwhelm your pipes. The extra dollars would be worth every cent and you won’t regret it when your neighbor is standing in a puddle in their back yard because they missed the routine check and light maintenance required to keep everything running properly.

Hydro Jetting

Our Qualified Bakersfield Plumbers know that there are several ways to Clean a drain line. But, What if You could have it returned to a like new condition again? That’s where your Bakersfield Plumbing Contractor, The Plumbing Doc. can help.  We have the equipment for you!!!

Hydro Jetting uses high pressure water to break loose any sludge, Grease or any other materials that slow the flow of water in your drains. It is ultimately the best form of drain cleaning.

-Mini Jetters are used to clean smaller 1 1/2″ to 2″ Lines. Great for sinks and showers.

-Hydro jetter is used for 3″ and up. such as Mainlines.

– We have an assortment of tips and heads for the jetting equipment to remove Sludge, Roots or any other matter in the line.

– For Larger issues we also have Hydro-Vac equipment. In the Drain Cleaning Bakersfield Scene the Hydro Vac is a key tool for Cleaning And Pumping Grease Traps And Septic Systems.

Hydro Jetting (sometimes called water jetting) can be an inexpensive solution to fix a failing septic field. A high pressure stream of water is injected into the septic line to clear obstructions like grease, hair, paper, sand, silt, and soap build up, and allow for the free flow of sewage through the system. The stream is pressurized to any where from 5,000 for smaller home systems to 35,000 pounds per square inch for larger commercial systems, blasting away grime and debris.

Hydro Jetting is appropriate sometimes more than others. If the header line leading from the house into the outdoor septic lines is clogged, it is a perfect situation for Hydro Jetting! The solid piping can reliably handle the high pressure. On the other hand, if the outdoor septic lines are clogged, Hydro Jetting can potentially do more harm than good! The septic lines that create the septic field are not solid, they are perforated to allow sewage to seep out into the surrounding soil to be naturally filtered and treated.

Sometimes, the high pressure from the water stream can stir up the soil and gravel near the perforations and bring more obstructions into the system. This method can (and should) be used not just as a last effort to save a failing septic system, but as a first effort to prevent trouble.

This type of maintenance will do a lot to minimize build up and blockages that can cause major problems in the future. A little work upfront can save you from a lot of headaches in the future, and septic system headaches are the worst kind! This procedure can be performed by a licensed septic installer or pumper for around one thousand dollars, though prices vary from $800 to more than $1000 depending on location and the size of the system needing cleaning.

Video Inspection

Tired of being lied to by other Bakersfield Plumbers? We offer a service that will provide proof that your lines are bad. Video Inspection And Line Location is the number one tool in determining the over all condition of your drain lines. It uses an Infra-red light on a fiber optic cable to reveal a picture of your drains that can be seen on a monitor before your eyes. Once the problem is seen on the screen, our expert Bakersfield Plumbing Technicians can pinpoint Line Locate the Video Line Inspection Camera, and the problem.

Plumbers are essential to some homes and businesses to keep the water running. It is inevitable that most plumbing systems will get clogged at least one time, especially if it is older plumbing work in the building. There are many techniques used to eliminate clogs, including store bought chemicals or the typical “snake”.

There is a new tool on the market now that gives you visual evidence of what’s inside the plumbing of your building. If you’ve ever wondered if your plumber is telling the truth, video inspection will give you the truth. The secret behind it is fiber optics.

I fiber optic is a series of tightly bound fibers that can actually conduct light and energy through it. This video inspection uses infra-red imaging in combination with the fiber optics. As the fiber optic is carefully sent through the drain, the infra-red imaging is instantly sent through to a screen where you can see exactly what’s in your drain.

No longer do you have to worry about buying chemicals or the wire “snake” not being long enough. This will allow you to see the problem right before your eyes. Now whenever you have a problem, keep in mind that this tool is available. If you hire a plumber that doesn’t use video inspection, expect to wonder if he is telling the truth.

It might be a good idea to look into finding a plumber that uses video inspection to back up his reporting. Keep in mind that this could also be used outside of the plumbing industry. If you own your own business, it might fit into you work scheme. For example, if you are an electrician and are drilling holes and sending wires through the wall, it might be a good idea to use this video inspection to make sure there is nothing in the wall that the wires may get snagged on. This tool is sure to make lives easier for a lot of different industries and people.

Line Locating

Do you know you have a drain problem but are not sure where the problem is located exactly? Sewer And Drain Line Locating is the way to go. Few Bakersfield Plumbers are Capable of Line Location like Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc.

Using Highly Refined Methods and State of the Art Equipment, Your Bakersfield Plumbing Technician with Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc. Can locate the hardest to find Drain Problems.

First you Camera the drain to see what the problem is ( such as Cracks, Breaks, Roots…etc.). Then we use our Line Locating device which use Sonar to Detect signals transmitted from the camera to pinpoint exact location.

Line Locating – A homeowners nightmare three years ago, my mother-in-law had a home with a basement. One day she awoke to a terrible smell and when she went downstairs she found a stinky mess all over her floor. The sewer pipe had backed up through the floor drain. Her basement was covered with an inch of muck! She called a plumber right away. It took only an hour for her to find out that the plumber could not really fix her problem. He had run a drain cleaning line through the drainpipe and had been able to loosen the clog, but that did not solve the problem. He explained that she needed to have her drainpipe dug up and replaced.

Thousands of dollars later, after a back hoe and a crew of men with shovels and picks had dug a huge ditch covering half of her front yard, my mother-in-law resolved that she had made a mistake by trying to get the most reasonable priced plumber to do the work. It took them another six months to move the dirt they dug up back into the hole! The grass still has not grown over that area. Just last year, the basement sewer backed up again.

This time a different plumber was called. He used a camera that he fished down the drain to locate the problem. Then using some sonar type device he was able to find the problem area in the yard. His crew of just a couple men dug up the area and replaced the piece of pipe that was broken from tree roots and years of wear.

It cost less to have them do the job right than it did to have the previous plumber make a total mess of the yard only to have the problem reoccur a year later. I have learned from her mistakes that it is better to find a plumber with modern detection equipment to do a job that is underground, unless of course I plan to build a swimming pool in that spot afterwards.

Slab Leak Detection

Many Homes in Bakersfield Today are on a Slab foundation, So Water Leaks are no Stranger to these Bakersfield Plumbers. Slab Leaks Can Cause Serious Damage, So Slab Leak Detection is the ideal tool to save you money!

We use General’s Gen Ear LE Water Leak Location Equipment. It uses a Highly Sensitive and Technical microphone system to hear the leak under the slab.

First we use our Water Line Location Equipment to locate where the lines run under the slab. Then use our Listening Equipment to Check along the route of the underground lines, to reveal the EXACT location of the Leak. This Process minimizes unnecessary Removal of Concrete Flooring.

A leak in the slab of your home can be a nightmare. I remember the first home we bought in San Diego, California was my dream home. It sat on a hill looking out across a valley toward the ocean. It had all the things my small family needed and then some. We moved in and family from the Midwest began visiting. One of the well meaning relatives who came to visit started discussing what he had read in some article about homes in Southern California being built on poor soil and being subject to cracked slabs. This relative then went on to describe how whole homes were falling apart and splitting in half. That scared me since it was the first time we bought a home that was listed as an earthquake risk.

Immediately, I started studying the subject. I went to the library. I went to City Hall. I went to the County Engineers office. What I learned really made me terrified. I went to my pastor at church and asked for prayers that my house would not fall apart. Things got even worse when the neighborhood watch committee started documenting a number of complaints about cracked slabs in our area. Several people had to have all the plumbing re-routed from under the slab of their home to the attic of their home. My husband refused to pull up the carpet to see if we had cracks. Instead, we moved. Better not to know all the bad things about your home before you move because you must disclose the problems.

I did not disclose my fears, although I worried about that too. The next home was a condo. I thought that having a homeowners association to stand with me in case there was a cracked slab would help. Before home was carpeted we looked at the slab. It was cracked already! I immediately talked to the builder. He assured me that the kind of crack I was seeing was not anything to worry about and he patched over the crack with a sealant. He further assured me that if there was any problem with the slab the warranty would cover for the first 10 years. Then one morning we awoke to the sound of a jack hammer next door. We could not hear each other talk without yelling. The noise drowned out every other sound in our home. All day and all night we heard it. My neighbor, who happened to be a lawyer, told us that they had a leak in their plumbing in their living room floor. By the next morning they still had not found the source of the leak.

I suggested that they get a plumber with leak locating equipment, but they insisted they could find the leak and do the repair themselves for less money. The noise eventually stopped. It took them two days to find the leak somewhere in the middle of the kitchen. I am sure a plumber could have found it in minutes, and would be smart enough not to try to try to be his own lawyer.

Odor Location and Abatement


Few Bakersfield Plumbing Contractors can provide this state of the art service. Odor Location and Abatement Services is the Process of Locating and Repairing (Cracked or Broken) vents or sewer lines without opening unnecessary holes in walls just to attempt to guess the location of the problem. Smoke Testing removes the guesswork from the odor location process. Odor Location is performed by Our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts by using our state of the art equipment to force smoke into your DWV (drain waste and vent) system. When using our state of the art Smoke Testing Equipment, if any damaged, broken or cracked vent or sewer lines are present, smoke will seep from the wall where the problem is located following the same route that the odor followed. Once our Bakersfield Plumbing Professionals make visual location, then access can be cut into the wall at the correct location and the necessary plumbing repairs are performed. Plumbing Problem resolved. This is a very Cost effective tool, as it eliminates the extra time spent cutting and patching unnecessary holes and when a additional Smoke test is performed after repairs are made by our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts, it assures you the customer that the problem has been repaired thoroughly and completely.

Odor Location and Abatement – A crucial component of any comfortable home or office many people are oblivious to the workings and benefits of odor location and abatement services. Most people assume that fixing a broken or cracked vent or sewer line necessitates the use of a long and violent process of breaking open the wall to root out the problem. However, with odor location and abatement, this process is avoided through more subtle and state-of-the art testing.

Smoke Testing allows the professional to specifically locate the cause of the odor without needing to undertake drastic or major destruction of the wall. This smoke test will cause smoke to come out of any part of the wall that contains a broken vent or sewer line, making the method of finding the problem quick and efficient. Instead of painstakingly breaking open a suspected area, the professional can easily fix the problem without the fuss and mess of normal methods.

With the development of such an advanced, yet simple process, hidden piping and vent problems can be repaired with ease. While traditional methods call for guessing and estimating the location of the problem, odor location and abatement allows for more specific and thus more dependable indicators of where the problem is located. The sophisticated equipment involved makes this process not one for the untrained – thus a highly trained professional must be called in order for the problem to be completely and reliably repaired.

Odor location and Abatement is an increasingly necessary operation in the modern world based on speed and efficiency. Thanks to this advanced technology, problems that are usually well hidden are quickly spotted and fixed. People who choose to go with this procedure are able to rid themselves of any vent or piping problems with little stress and unnecessary damage to the wall. This procedure will save time and money for anybody – from the common homeowner to the top business corporations.


Pipe Freezing

Water lines corrode and break, Valves freeze up and break. How do you shut the water down to repair such problems? Pipe Freezing Technology!!!!  Leave that up to our Qualified Bakersfield Plumbing Experts. No matter the size of the line or condition, Our Bakersfield Plumbers can handle it. Pipe Freezing is the Process through which Liquid CO2 (Dry Ice) is put around the line through special Clamps and tools to super cool the line and Create a solid Ice Plug in it. It Freezes the water in the line so solid that the ice plug will hold up to 2500 pounds of pressure, with no damage to the line. This method eliminates the need for drain down in large Bakersfield Commercial Plumbing jobs. Hotel Plumbing, Shopping center Plumbing, and most other types of plumbing Bakersfield has can benefit from this equipment. This type of state of the art equipment is helping to make Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc one of the most Technical Bakersfield Plumbing Contractors.

Using pipe freezing to repair water lines is the “New Game in Town”. Unfortunately in life, sometimes things in life break, they wear out, they fall victim to time and circumstance.  Water lines are no exception, they fall prey to the ravages of time like everything else, and they can corrode, freeze up, or break.

When they do, and then enter the plumber, the master of the water lines, the pipe guru, and the drain king. He is the one who the world calls upon and depends upon to keep things flowing.  Yes when our water lines break due to corrosion or freeze up, that’s when we call the plumber to come the rescue.

The plumber in times past was faced with the enormous task of shutting down the water and draining down the lines in order to do the needed repairs to the water lines. But now, thanks to Pipe Freezing Technology, he is able to freeze the water in the lines, without damaging the water lines themselves. This is done by putting Liquid CO2(Dry Ice) around the line using special clamps and tools to super cool the line and make a solid ice plug in the line.

This pipe freezing process freezes the water in the line creating an ice plug that can withstand 2500 pounds of pressure. Thus the need for draining the lines is eliminated, making the plumbers job a little easier. This is really a benefit in large commercial jobs like shopping centers and hotel plumbing jobs as it does away with the need for draining down the lines.

Freezing pipes use to be something that had a bad connotation with it. But Pipe Freezing Technology has changed all that.  A frozen pipe use to mean that you needed repair a water line.  Now, it is a tool for repairing water lines. So hats off to our plumbers and hats off to Pipe Freezing Technology.

Trenchless Sewer, Water, and Gas Line Replacement


Some Bakersfield Plumbing Contractors Have a rough time Replacing lines when there are obstructions like trees, or concrete over the route of the line to be replaced.  And Let’s face it,  you probably worked very hard to get you Lawn and landscaping in such good condition. Why not Leave it that way? Our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts can change most water lines,  sewer lines, and gas lines without digging up the route the line takes.

First our Highly skilled Plumbing Bakersfield technicians locate the exact route that the line to be replaced takes. Then Our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts Excavate a small hole at each end of the line. Next depending on the size and type of line to be replaced (Sewer line, Gas line, or Water line), our Bakersfield Plumbing Professionals Will choose which type of our state of the art trenchless line replacement equipment to use. On small lines like Leaking water lines or Sprinkler lines made out of materials like PVC, our highly skilled Bakersfield Plumbers will probably use a Static Pull Cable system. On medium sized lines or harder and rougher materials like Galvanized Water Lines, our Bakersfield Plumbing experts will probably choose to use our static pull Trenchless line replacement equipment in conjunction with a Compressed air operated Piercing tool to assist in the trenchless line replacement. On large lines like 4″ sewer, water, or gas lines or 6″ sewer, water, or gas lines Our plumbing Bakersfield technicians would use our large static pull, 1″ cable, 80 ton Pipe Bursting Equipment to Burst in a new line without removing the old one. This state of the art method of Trenchless line replacement Pulls a large tapered Bursting Head by a one inch cable through the old line which crushes to old line outward into the surrounding earth and at the same time pulls in a new HDPE SDR 17 or almost any other type of new line that the Plumbing Bakersfield job may require. This method can also be used for tenant improvement projects to Up-size existing lines for increased capacity. You can install a four inch line without excavation along the same route that a three inch line was, and you can up-size to a six inch line from a four inch line.  For larger street mains, up to 30 inch, and in extremely rocky or compacted soils, our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts would use the large static pull method of trenchless line replacement in conjunction with a very large air power Piecing tool (mole) to assist in the Pipe Bursting Process.  As you can see for all the Plumbing Bakersfield needs, Bakersfield,s Plumbing Doc has the Right equipment and highly trained Bakersfield Plumbers to do the job right the first time.

Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath – Add Enjoyment and Value

A kitchen or bath remodel is a great way to add value to your home, both in terms of your current enjoyment and in future resale value. If you are living with an outdated kitchen or bath it could even be affecting your quality of life. There is an almost infinite variety of new feature available to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and to make your time spent in the bath more relaxing.

In addition in today’s competitive market homes with outdated fixtures often fail to attract qualified buyers, can be the last on the block to sell and often must be listed for a lower price. In terms of improving quality of life one fixture that comes to mind immediately is an instant hot water dispenser; this feature can save unbelievable amounts of time in the kitchen. Of course it can help you quickly brew tea or make pressed coffee for both hot and cold drinks, but there are so many other applications, such as helping to get cutting boards extra clean or removing stubborn grease without chemicals.

There is an astonishing variety of new possibilities available in both sinks and faucets that can make all kinds of kitchen tasks easier. Sinks are available with built in drainers, colanders and cutting boards, features than had not even been thought up just a few years ago, and faucets now have built in sprayers and pot fillers which can make your work simpler.

Clean up is also a breeze with better garbage disposals and under mount or integrated sinks which don’t have a lip allowing you to simply brush crumbs right into the sink. In the bath sinks are also an important feature with integrated and under mount sinks making cleaning easier and beautiful vessel sinks adding style. There are now a variety of faucets available to express your personal sense of style; some even have inserts allowing you to customize colors to get just the right look.

What is there to say about showers, but wow! From simple rainfall shower heads to complete steam showers there are showers available to comfort and relax even the most stressed out among us. Tubs are now also more enjoyable and come in forms from the deep soaking tubs reminiscent of a Japanese bath to air tubs that surround you with tiny champagne like bubbles.

When it comes to caring for the environment the newest plumbing products can help you make a positive impact. Inline water heaters heat water only when needed using less power and low flow toilets have experienced a mammoth jump in efficiency and work even better than the old high water usage models of the past. Now is a great time to invest in improving your quality of your life and the value of your home by remodeling your kitchen or bath. It is a decision that will have a positive impact more ways than you can imagine.

Horizontal Boring

Horizontal Auger Boring (HAB)

Horizontal Auger Boring is truly an innovative alternative to trenching when it comes to utility installation. The trenchless HAB method, sometimes also referred to as “Boring and Jacking,” is preferable in many casing to pipe ramming or pipe jacking methods.

Advantages of HAB are that it eliminates damage to previously existing road or railroad embankments and requires limited traffic disruptions; therefore it is the preferred method for installing utility pipelines under roads, highways, or railroads. The HAB method is a very economical choice as well. HAB trenchless techniques can be used to install pipelines up to 72 inches in diameter in a cost-effective manner.

Machines used to perform horizontal borings can be equipped with cutting heads to drill holes ranging from 8 to 80 inches in diameter. The first step in performing a HAB installation is to acquire a geotechnical site survey. This geotechnical site survey will provide necessary information about soil and groundwater conditions as well as expected obstructions and will allow the drilling company to effectively plan the HAB operation in cooperation with project engineers.

Before installation begins, the site should also be cleared for underground utilities, something that is readily accomplished in most states by calling a “one-call” hotline. Next, the crew will prepare a drive pit at one end of the planned pipeline. This is where the crew will operate from during the boring. Then, a drilling machine is brought on site that includes lengths of auger, casing, and a cutting bit suited to the soil conditions at the site.

During pipeline installation, drill cuttings exit the casing in the drive pit and can be excavated from there. Once the casing pipe is in place, the carrier pipe, or the pipeline being installed, can be pushed or pulled through the casing as it is assembled. Final steps of the installation include preparing as-built drawings, grouting voids created during drilling, and hook-up of the installed pipeline. Overall, HAB methods provide a great chance of success for difficult installation projects.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance


Home’s water heater explodes, hurtles 135 yards

by Thomas Demane and Matt Culbertson – Aug. 14, 2008 03:34 PM

A water heater that apparently had its pressure valve shut exploded and hurtled 135 yards Thursday morning, causing “catastrophic damage” to the Phoenix home, authorities said.

No injuries were reported, and the house’s sole occupant was unharmed.

At about 5:40 a.m., the water heater was blown out of a garage near Thunderbird Road and 38th Street. The damaged home will most likely have to be torn down, authorities said. It appeared that the homeowner and the man renting the house had been trying to fix the water heater, which may have contributed to the heater being launched across Thunderbird Road and landing near a bus stop, Phoenix Fire Captain Sam Richardson said.
The man inside the home had been renting the house for only about 12 days. Damage to dental equipment he had in the home may be in the tens of thousands of dollars, Richardson said.

Foul play was ruled out, and the incident appeared to be accidental, he said. However, due to the destructive nature of the blast — which also caused minor damage to several nearby homes — the Phoenix police Bomb Squad and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were on the scene as investigators worked to find what caused the explosion. Richardson said the aftermath of the explosion left the house “leaning” to one side.
Jake Brown was sleeping in his room across the street from the house when the explosion occurred.
“All I heard was a big boom and my window shattering,” said Brown, 16. “It shook the whole house.”
Brown said he originally thought a car had crashed into his house. He added that if he had not had his window blinds, the shattered glass might have hit him.

The man inside the home said the explosion “felt like an earthquake,” according to Richardson.
Bill Lee, a salesman with California-based Water Heaters Only, Inc, said water-heater explosions are extremely rare, adding that he has only heard of one other similar incident in his 10-year career. Lee said the explosions usually involve both operator error and a technical malfunction within the tank.

“(The safety valve) should activate at some point way before (the heater) turns into a missile,” he said. He added that homeowners should check their water-heater safety valve at least once each year.

Septic and Sewer Systems

 Septic and Sewer Systems

The Plumbing Doc is pleased to offer services for septic and sewer systems in the Bakersfield area. We provide among the most up-to-date and innovative services in the California market. For over thirty years, we have been making emergency house calls to help customers with malfunctioning systems. While we are always pleased to help in a pinch, you can also rely on the Plumbing Doc to perform preventative maintenance of your system in order to prevent trouble “down the line.”

One of the many services we offer is sewer cleaning. As a matter of fact, this represents one of the largest aspects of our business. When you need your sewer cleaned right for a great price, you can count on us. Better still, we can usually do the job in just an hour or less. Hydro jetting is one of our favorite techniques for unclogging lines. We are also able to perform video inspections of pipes to look for problems. We are area leaders in trenchless sewer line replacement techniques. Trenchless techniques are great when you need to fix underground problems, but don’t want to cause additional mess in your yard.

These methods also prove highly economical in most cases. See our article about Horizontal Auger Boring to get an idea of one well-trusted service we offer as a trenchless alternative.

Do you live in a rural area? Not only can our customers rely on us to service their sewer connections, we also provide septic system services to customers in Kern County. Both septic tanks and their drain fields require periodic maintenance in order to function properly. Did you know that solids should be pumped from your septic tank every few years? The Plumbing Doc can give your septic system the care it needs in order to serve you well for a long time to come.

Automatic Grease or Oil Recovery

Call us today for all your plumbing needs in and around the Great Bakersfield, Ca region.

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